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Yuri was born in Sturluson, home of the world’s most skilled Machinists. From a young age, he was fascinated by machines, and spent much of his time experimenting with scrap metal and pouring over scientific notes and schematics – especially those written by Loki. It is said that Loki himself passed down the technical skills that had once made the Machinists of Sturluson so famous. After Yggdrasil’s collapse, those who know Yuri best saw him put all of his energy into creating a machine that would restore the world to its previous state… but that’s not all he has in mind. Unbeknownst to the others, Yuri’s ultimate goal is to convince Loki to help restore Sturluson. He hopes his hero won’t let him down.

Yuri seems like a typical teenager on the outside, but he possesses a dark soul, making him secretly competitive and manipulate. Nothing can sway his devotion to Sturluson or his secret hatred of the Gods. Though he joined Garrett and the others, he’s really only tagging along until they can find a way back to the past. Once they do, he knows he must stop the Gods from capturing Loki, no matter the cost.