[!]Note: This quest can only be completed on Mondays!

Suggested Level: 11
Received From: Bulletin Board
Location: BulletinBoard icon near your map


  1. Talk to Lamprey
  2. Speak to Lamprey again and choose the quest Joyful Lieutenant Governor
  3. Get a friend or another player to cast the soul mate skill on you
    NOTE: You may cast it on more than one person, although there is a cooldown for casting time
  4. Within the 5 minutes you have the buff on you, speak to Benedict who will give you 25 Heart Gachapons
  5. Open all 25 Heart Gachapons and you will receive various N/T quest items:
    • BellofHeart Bell of Heart
    • MemoryTreasureBox Memory Treasure Box
    • FlowerofHeart Flower of Heart
    • SoulGem Soul Gem
    • SoulSword Soul Sword
  6. If you obtained 2 Soul Gem and 3 Bell of Heart turn them into Lamprey for the prize