Mystic SorcererEdit

The Mysterious Path focuses on improving a Sorcerer's Crowd Control potential. Most of their Ability modified Skills are Wind Element StyleWind/Earth ElementalEarth Element Style, and most Wind/Earth Elemental Skills are affected by Abilities from the Mystic Sorcerer. Very few of the Fire/Water Elemental Skills are affected by Abilities from the Mystic Sorcerer. Wind and Earth Magic has less focus on dealing single target damage and specializes more on affecting large areas.

Ability ListEdit

Rank 1Edit

Requirement: 0AP

PT 012Mysterious Earth: Rock n' Throw - improved Magical Damage / Cast Time.

PT 013Thunderstorm: Thunderbolt - improved Magical Damage.

PT 102Crystal Ball: Magical Accuracy Improved.

Rank 2Edit

Requirement: 5AP

PT 014Fault Line: Tremor - improved Status Effect.

PT 015Shapeshifter: Mushbunny Curse / Caterpillar Curse / Whirlybird Curse - improved Magical Accuracy / Duration.

PT 076Mana Flow: Magical Evasion Improved.

Rank 3Edit

Requirement: 10AP

PT 016Mana Boost: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Aggression/Healing.

PT 017Arcane Ballad: Mystic Armor - improved Cast Speed Effect.

PT 018Third Eye Tome: Insight / Hive Mind - improved Status Effect.

Rank 4Edit

Requirement: 20AP

PT 019Piercing Darkness: Ability Skill - Attack Skill, Wind, Proximity.

PT 020Static: Chain Lightning - improved Cooldown.

Rank 5Edit

Requirement: 22AP

PT 021Origin of Mana: Refresh Mana - improved MP Recovery.

PT 022Mana Master: Mana Shield - improved Damage Absorption.

PT 023Pulse Flow: Arcane Pulse - improved Status Effect / Duration.

Rank 6Edit

Requirement: 30AP

PT 024Storm's Fury: Ability Skill - Attack Skill, Wind, Proximity, Stun.

PT 170Sweet Dreams: Healing Slumber - improved Duration.

PT 171Element Wielder: Element Barrier - improved Status Effect.

Rank 7Edit

Requirement: 40AP

PT 172Frost Jab: Ability Skill - Attack Skill, Water, Proximity, Slow.

Rank 8Edit

Requirement: 42AP

PT 199Wall of Hurricane: Storm Armor - improved Critical Defense.

PT 200Nine Frost Borders: Frost Jab - improved Cooldown.

PT 201Dark Arts: Piercing Darkness - improved Cooldown.

Rank 9Edit

Requirement: 50AP

PT 202Frost Orb: Ability Skill - Attack Skill, Water, Proximity, Freeze, Combo.

Rank 10Edit

Requirement: 52AP

PT 247Quick Freeze: Frost Orb - improved Cooldown.

PT 248Hurricane: Storm's Fury - improved Duration.