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Leona is a quiet, mysterious girl. For most of her life, she’s preferred to be alone, finding it much easier to keep her concentration intact when practicing elemental magic without others around. As a result, her powers as a Sorcerer are vastly superior to others her age, but she struggles when it comes to social situations.

Nothing gets past Leona. Between her keen powers of observation and her ability to think quickly on her feet and remain calm and collected, there’s no situation she can’t handle.

After Ragnarok began, Leona started her journey to Sacred Springs, to further investigate the situation. As she made her way through the woods, she came across two teenagers fighting (and losing) against a horde of Demons. With a flick of her wand, Leona sent the Demons hurling in all directions, leaving the young Knight and Cleric cheerfully offering their thanks. Thus began the first of Leona, Garrett, and Aurora’s adventures. Her two new friends have helped Leona begin to open up – she’s even picked up Garrett’s habit of teasing, and loves to use it against him.