This Wiki follows the servers located at Beanfun(US). The history written here will only include details regarding the Beanfun(US) version, because of it being the English version of the game. A wiki for the Japanese version of the game can be found at the Japanese Divina Wiki.


Original AnnouncementEdit

The game was originally announced on December 22, 2011.

Sneak Peek BetaEdit

The Sneak Peek Beta occurred from April 20th to April 23rd, called Challenge72.

Closed Beta ReleaseEdit

The Closed Beta occurred from May 16th to May 20th, called May Madness.

Open Beta ReleaseEdit

The Open Beta occured beginning June 12th. This represents the complete initial version of the game.

Official/Original ReleaseEdit

Official Release occured July 25th. As it is the official day for such, this is also the official day for the Prelude Ep.

Episode 1: Fable of the FistEdit

Ep1 is scheduled to occur Oct 3th, 2012. This will be the very first major upgrade for game content.

Game ClosingEdit

Beanfun! Divina servers will be closed as of January 13th, 2013. 


  • On April 20th 2012, the Original Version was officially released as a Beta, granting players a level cap of 45 (13AP). The client however contained information up to level 80 (30AP), with the single Usable Ability the only ability available at the Sixth Rank.
  • On May 16th 2012, the Beta level cap of 45 (13AP) was increased to 60 (20AP). The client version itself still contained the same cap. This version introduced the PK System.
  • On June 12th 2012, the Beta cap was retained from closed beta. The game entered its complete initial version state following the Client data. PKing was eliminated by this version, with other forms of PvP introduced instead.
  • On June 20th 2012, the Item Mall was introduced to the game. This update came with the game's first scheduled maintanence, also making Stardust events possible. Stardust itself however was not yet used.
  • On July 11th 2012, the Beta cap was removed, raising the level cap to the standard of level 80 (30AP) the first version is capable of.
  • On July 25th 2012, the official version was released. As is the case with most official releases, this had no real impact on the game at all.
  • On Sept 14th, 2012, the game's provider went into a financial lapse (losing most staff). The result is suspected to have had an influence on content update rates, among other things.
  • On Oct 3th, 2012, EP1 was updated, raising the level cap to 110 (45AP) and releasing a new class, Monk. This update also features the release of the Battle Zone Maps, and the Marriage feature.
  • On Nov 27th, 2012, the closure of all servers was announced to occur on January 13th, 2013, bringing an end to Divina.