If you're looking for Garrett, the Soldier in Soladis, please see Garrett (Soldier)

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One day, an elderly couple was out for a walk in the forests near Sacred Springs. As they rounded a bend, they froze in their tracks. There, sleeping peacefully bundled in several blankets, was a tiny infant. In the folds of the blanket, the couple discovered a handwritten note that read: "Please take care of my son." The old couple was overjoyed, for they had lost their only son many years ago and had longed to have a child in their lives again. They took the child home to their village, far away, and gave him the name, Garrett.

Adventurous, loyal, and a fierce protector, Garrett quickly became the leader of his group of friends. While his natural curiosity often led his friends to explore the far reaches of the forest, his ability to think quickly kept them one step ahead of danger.

One day, while Garrett and his lifelong friend, Aurora, were in the woods, a strange earthquake shook the land. The two rushed home, only to find that the mysterious force had destroyed their entire village. The Ragnarok had come. With his dying breath, Garrett’s father begged him to go to Sacred Springs – where it was said that the true cause of this catastrophe could be found, and perhaps, prevented. And so, heartbroken but determined to save the world, Garrett and Aurora made their way to the famous land of water resources, Sacred Springs.