Food is currently the best method of recovering lost HP/MP in the game and is also the the 2nd least expensive method. They are sold at the Grocery NPCs in each town in the form of snacks (crackers, biscuits, dango, etc) and drinks (lemonade, iced tea, grape juice, etc) and from the Traveling Vendors. Various NPCs will give food as quest rewards as well. Mobs currently do not drop food. Food also does not have a cooldown, so be careful when clicking them.

When used, they give the player a buff that lasts 14 seconds and will replenish the user's HP or MP until the 14 seconds are up, the buff can be cancelled either manually or if the player enter combat.

Side Note: Food will not heal past the player's maximum HP/MP bar, but the buff will last until stated time is over, player manually cancels the buff, or combat is initiated.

HP RecoveryEdit

Lvl Item
ButterCookie 1 Butter Cookie
FruitCookie 11 Fruit Cookie
SandwhichCookie 21 Sandwich Cookies
Manju 31 Manju
Taiaki 41 Taiyaki
51 Hanami Dango
61 Daifuku
71 Sakura Mochi

MP RecoveryEdit

Lvl Item
MineralWater 1 Mineral Water
Lemonade 11 Lemonade
IcedTea 21 Iced Tea
OrangeJuice 31 Orange Juice
GrapeJuice 41 Grape Juice
51 Milk
61 Hot Cocoa
71 Fruit Tea


All the foods can be purchased from either Grocery Merchants located in cities or from Traveling Vendors which are located in certain areas.

List of Grocery Vendors:

Vendor Location Coords
Peter City Ruins E11, N11
Albert Sacred Springs E23, N22
Shinji Sacred Springs E23, N09
Ryan Predators' Den E13, N13
Yosuke The Wind Kingdom E18, N17
Ayakoji Valley of the Exiled ???
Ruriko Dire Lowlands ???
Ruka Limestone City ???
Adahy Limestone City ???
Robin Fallen Sky Range ???
Silvia Horn Ridge ???