To enter the instance, double click the Giant Stone Turtle Switch located in Auma Trail (E09, N13) and select "Dragon Palace Heist [LV 40]"
Once you make your selection, you have 10 minutes to enter before the Labyrinth will collapse.

You have two hours to complete the instance. It is advised to team up in order to complete the instance.


To exit the instance, you have three options:

  1. Complete; kill the final boss in the instance and exit at the end
  2. Quit; walk through the portal at the beginning
  3. Fail the instance; either by dying or not completing the instance in time


Dragon Palace Heist is located underwater. If you enter without having used an Oxygen Pill, you will get Anoxia, a debuff that will slowly eat away at your HP. The only way to get rid of this debuff is with an oxygen pill.

Seabed Treasure ChestsEdit


There are 3 Sea Bed Treasure Chests are located throughout the map. These are used for the quest ??? given by Takashi. You will receive the quest item when you or someone in your team double-clicks the Treasure Chest. Although, you must be in range of the treasure chest for it to work.

Item Coordinates
??? E25, N15
??? E01, N29
??? E15, N02

Bubble-Blowing FishEdit

Bubble Blowing Fish
E05, N04, behind Sharkling Duke
Refine for the chance to obtain:

Time: 90 seconds
Cost: 100 gold
Success: 50% chance
Note: Bubble-Blowing Fish relies on C-Card Refining. If you level your C-Card refining, it will bring up your rare item chance and success rate, as well as decreasing the time.


NPC Coordinates
Shouji E27, N27
Izumi E12, N29
Chiyo E22, N29
Takashi E10, N14
Mizue E25, N08
Kai E03, N24
Otohime E06, N04

Map of the NPCs
Click the icon to view


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Name Lv
Battle Snail Aggressive Creature Tome 42
River Fox Fairy Aggressive Creature Tome 43
Tear Drop Aggressive Creature Tome 43
Brave Battle Snail Aggressive 44
Wet Whirlybird Aggressive Creature Tome 44
Leafy Soldier Aggressive Creature Tome 45
Zany Kappa Aggressive Creature Tome 46
Guardian Waldo Aggressive 48
Guardian Wade Aggressive 48
Guardian Webly Aggressive 48
Guardian Walter Aggressive 48
Guardian Wane Aggressive 48
Brine Snail Aggressive 46
Sharkling Escort Aggressive 48
Green Turtle Aggressive 47


Name Lv Coords
Snail General Aggressive Boss 45 ???
Spiky General Aggressive Boss Creature Tome 47 ???
Sharkling Duke Aggressive Boss Creature Tome 49 E07, N05