Every day you may receive a fortune from the Lucky Bunny. It will reset at midnight server time, and then you will be able to draw a new fortune. You won't receive your fotune unless you manually double-click the fortune every day. See the section, Auto Fortune for information on how to avoid having to. Fortunes give a bonus to many features in the game, including:

  • Bonus EXP: Battle experience
  • Easy Potential: Potential experience
  • More Treasure: Item drop rate
  • Double Gold: Gold drop rate
  • Production Boost: Crafting skill


Sometimes when the bunny is drawing your fortune, he will decide that he has a better fortune for you. He will then discard your previous fortune and redraw. The result can be better or worse than your first fortune.

There is no way to stop him from redrawing or choosing to have your fortune redrawn. Your fortune can only be redrawn at random.


Each smiley face that is lit up will give you a 5% bonus in that area. You have a maximum of a 15% fortune in each of the areas without using a special item. But you may boost your fortune with various item mall items. Your daily fortune will accumulate with pills and other Item Mall fortune increases.

BattleFortune Battle Fortune
PotentialFortune Potential Fortune
ProductionFortune Production Fortune
TreasureFortune Treasure Fortune
WealthFortune Wealth Fortune



There are five possible outcomes the bunny may draw for you. The outcomes are:

  • Very Good Luck (大吉)
  • Good Luck (吉)
  • A Little Luck (末吉)
  • Bad Luck (凶)
  • Very Bad Luck (大凶)

How to know which type of luck you drew? If your symbol has a red background, you have good luck! But if it has a blue background, you have bad luck.

Auto FortuneEdit

You won't receive your fortune unless you manually double-click the bunny every day. But, if you go into settings you can have the fortune automatically drawn every day when you log in. Steps:

  1. Hot Key: ESC or click Settings
  2. Go to System Settings
  3. Go to the Interface tab
  4. On "Your Daily Fortune" select "Auto"