Potentials enhance your fighting technique; improving your stats and giving passive and active skills alike. To get potential unlocked, talk to Mysterious Man at level 24 and take the Potential Power quest. Once completed, you can start using various orbs to learn and develop their potentials. You will then be tutored about it by the Using Potential Orbs quest.

Statistical PotentialsEdit

Statistical Potentials improve the corresponding Stats.

Special Statistical Potentials

Defense PotentialsEdit

Defense Potentials improve the corresponding Defense Type.

General PotentialsEdit

Potentials to increase your character's stats.

Attack PotentialsEdit

Potentials to increase your character's Phys and Magic Attack

Special PotentialsEdit

Special Potentials unlock usable Skills.
  • Heal Sidekick: Restores HP for the Sidekick.
  • EP Generate: Restores EP.
  • EP 1: Restores 1 EP.
  • EP 3: Restores 3 EP.
  • Return: Returns to current Respawn Location.
  • Daredevil: Deals physical damage to self and target.
  • Air Fury: Deals wind damage to self and target.
  • Perseverance: When HP is at 1, remain alive for 10 seconds.
  • Soul Limit: Increase Critical hit rate, costing EP.
  • Phys Limit: Increase Phys Critial hit rate and Phys Critical Damage.
  • Magic Limit: Increase Magical Critial hit rate and Magical Critical Damage.
  • Full Heal: Fully recovers target's HP.
  • All Star: Increase all the target's stats, costing EP.
  • Sprint: Increase movement speed for 12 seconds.
  • Shrink: Shrinks body size, increases agility.
  • Unsettling Roar: Stops 5 targets in an area from using skills.
  • Devotion: Uses all MP to recover 60% teammate's HP.
  • Sacrifice Spell: Sacrifices sidekick, creates shield that absorbs DMG.

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