Mounts are a specific type of pet that grants the player riding the mount faster moving speed. The player riding the mount can not attack while on the mount. Although, mounts increase the chance of being critically hit. The ride on the mount ends once critically hit.

While riding a two player mount and using the warp service, only the owner of the mount will have to pay for the service. The passenger will be warped with them free of charge.

Regular MountsEdit

Regular Mounts are possible to obtain in the game without purchasing from the Item Mall or participation in Events.

Mount Effect Obtained
Pyremane +110 Movement Speed
(7 Days)
Help the Merlings
Pyremane +70 Movement Speed
Witch of the Two Creature Tome
Fluffy Mutt +45 Movement Speed Nya
Giant Bubble +70 Movement Speed Dragon Palace Heist
Flying Cloud +90 Movement Speed Starlight Gachapon
Sweet Briar (Red) +70 Movement Speed Whack Attack
Foxglove (Green) +70 Movement Speed Whack Attack
??? (Blue) +70 Movement Speed Whack Attack

Promotional MountsEdit

Promotional Mounts are obtained through the Item Mall or as a prize from GM Events.

Mount Type Effect
Otama Prince 1 Player +110 Movement Speed
Rescue Chicken 1 Player +130 Movement Speed
Puss-in-Shoes 2 Player +130 Movement Speed
Rooster Responder 1 Player +165 Movement Speed
Shadowcat 2 Player +165 Movement Speed
Flying Carpet 1 Player +155 Movement Speed
Wind-Up Alpaca 1 Player +165 Movement Speed

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