Once you reach level 15 you may form a guild. The creator of the guild will automatically be the Guild Leader, but there are also many other positions of authority in the guild system.

Authority of titlesEdit

Title # Guild Domain Tax Rate Policy Warehouse Domain Warehouse Add Member
Guild Leader 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chief of Staff 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guild Officer No No No No Yes Yes
Member No No No No No No


Guilds can be leveled after a certain number of requirements are met. One of the main requirements is Merit. Merit can be earned by every member within a guild and is obtained by completing a repeatable quest given by the guild master of a main city.

Merit QuestsEdit

Level Location Quest NPC Merit
15 Sacred Springs Merit - Blue Rock Quest Gabe 5
20 Sacred Springs Merit - Green Rock Quest Gabe 10
30 The Wind Kingdom Merit - Orange Rock Quest Tomoyuiki 20
40 The Wind Kingdom Merit - Red Rock Quest Tomoyuiki 35
45 The Wind Kingdom Merit - Indigo Rock Quest Tomoyuiki 45
50 Limestone City Merit - Yellow Rock Quest Skye 90
55 Limestone City Merit - Purple Rock Quest Skye 110
65 Limestone City ??? Skye 150
65 Limestone City ??? Skye 170
70 Limestone City ??? Skye 230
70 Limestone City ??? Skye 250
75 Limestone City ??? Skye 280
80 Sacred Springs ??? Gabe 350

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