Consumable items are items that are usable, which cause an effect on the character that used them, or the current target. There are two types of consumable items, Recovery and Status.

Recovery ItemsEdit

Recovery Items restore lost HP & MP of any player using them, certain ones even reviving a fallen friend. They are divided into non-combat useable & combat useable items of which the latter is further divided into HoT's (Heal over Time) & instant recovery. Recovery items are also level locked. Level Locks occur at the first level past each multiple of ten.

Stat Modifying ItemsEdit

Status modifying items give characters buffs to their status. Stat enhancing items come in many forms, such as Crystals, Potions, and Fortunes. As well, Debuffer "Bomb" can be used on enemies to reduce their stats. All buffs and debuffs end when time is up, player/target death has occurred, is dispelled, or is manually cancelled (Buffs only). Certain items invoke a change of status on a target which ends instantly but with persisting effects, affecting things such as location or hate. Status Items are frequently level locked.

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