Abilities are upgrades to the Skills gained by a Class. Each Class gets two different Paths to follow, giving different possible abilities in either case. Starting at level 20, every two levels gained in a class rewards one ability point (AP). This means at level 150, you will have 65AP to use for learning Abilities. Abilities require a certain amount of AP spent in that path, and then costs 1AP to learn.

Rank RequirementsEdit

  1. 0AP (Available Level 20 Minimum)
  2. 5AP (Available Level 30 Minimum)
  3. 10AP (Available Level 40 Minimum)
  4. 20AP (Available Level 60 Minimum)
  5. 22AP (Available Level 64 Minimum)
  6. 30AP (Available Level 80 Minimum)
  7. 40AP (Available Level 100 Minimum)
  8. 42AP (Available Level 104 Minimum)
  9. 50AP (Available Level 120 Minimum)
  10. 52AP (Available Level 124 Minimum)
  11. 63AP (Available Level 146 Minimum)

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